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You’ve Got The Look…

U got the look, U got the look, Sho’ ‘nuf do be cookin’ in my book… (sorry, homage to Prince and my youth….)

The most recent challenge I’ve undertaken is to update my avatar. And I must say, I’ve never really been drawn to avatars. I have friends on facebook who change their look almost daily. I am happy to get one and stick with it…

So here’s what I did. I took the example avatar links and got to this:


Ain't I a cutie?

I'm a blockhead.


Tourist image.

Generally, I figure if I’m going to use a likeness, I’d just rather use a photograph, but now I’m feeling a bit partial to the Picassohead. I didn’t like the first three I tried. But now I’m warming up to it…

The challenge also asked us to set up a voci. I’ve seen some applications for this in education, but I’ve always been a bit reluctant to try. I’m not sure why. I love the creativity that is being shown in the other posts, but I guess I’m a little reluctant to associate myself to an image. Even changing my profile pic in facebook takes some prodding…

The last avatar I had was a photo. Maybe I’ll go back to it. I’m really a creature of habit.


Comments on: "You’ve Got The Look…" (8)

  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for your kind words about the avatar entry. I think it is hard for most of us, as adults, to go out and “play” with our image. We’ve worked hard to create the real-life ones that we have, that we would rather just use those. (Except for those who are fearful of the Internet, who want NO photographs of themselves online) For many of these challenges, I try to think about how to think more like a student or how to have fun with the activity. Your avatars are fun–but given your preference for photos, you might want to try one that just alters your photo. The activity lists a few of those that can give some interesting results.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Great work on creating a gallery of avatar images of yourself for the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge. Like you, I prefer a photograph to identify myself and I really enjoy it when people recognise me from my blog avatar picture. Not that I always wear a stripey scarf! If you haven’t already tried “PhotoFunia” it is a great little application to use your own image in a variety of fun templates, like the Mona Lisa, billboards and newspapers.
    I’m not sure if WordPress is as easy to use as Edublogs, but you may find adding widgets a little more challenging.
    By the way, I like your “Related Articles”. Are they generated automatically from other WordPress blogs using your tags? Keep up the great work and let me know if you need any assistance with the next challenge.

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  4. Hi. I’m visiting as part of the Teacher Challenge, and sympathise with your dilemmas regarding your avatar. I eventually decided to go with a photograph (Thanks Britt!), as I found the avatar creation tools a bit too impersonal for a professional blog.

    I really like your blog layout & style, although the text could be slightly larger. Keep up the great work, and all the best for the remainder of the Challenge

  5. […] avatar (love this one, thanks eslbeth) addthis_url = 'http%3A%2F%2Fashalapay.edublogs.org%2F2011%2F02%2F01%2Fmedia-literacy%2F'; […]

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