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You eat what? Why?

sheep-1684536_640So many things come up when a lesson is going on.

I am glad I love teachable moments.

My life is full of them.

For example, would you guess that none of my students could find where they used to live on a map? Or that “of the world” to my students sounds a lot like “on the wall”? Or that in teaching “lamb” we could get into a whole discussion about religion? Or hair?

While learning how to do multiple choice tests WHILE listening WHILE trying to remember what we had just seen in a VOA Learning English video (the one where Anna takes everything out of her bag, including a lamp), we found reason to talk about bar graphs. Over and over again.

First, we polled the room to see who was a coffee drinker (Anna was going out to drink coffee with her friends.)


We found out that many people in the room liked coffee. (By the way, if you’re looking for an easy place to teach students about how to make bar graphs, try this site!)

And then  we had to see how many people ate LAMB when that was one of the item distractors for LAMP.

We had to first search up a photo, because my bleating in class was getting me nowhere. And then it was important to find out who eats lambs. It seemed like a logical question. You have to find out what it is, then you have to find out who eats it. lambeaters

We found out that most people didn’t like lamb.

“Why?” my Muslim student asks.

“Because we all eat different things. Many of our Nepali students don’t eat cow.”

“No cow? I like cow.”

“Yes. But do you eat pig?”

pigs-1507208_640.jpg“PIG? NO!”

So we had to do that poll too. After we got a picture of a pig, because my snorts were not getting us very far in understanding.

Thank goodness for the internet. I wouldn’t get half the teaching done I need to do without being able to pull up a picture every time I need it.

Our new pig eaters graph looked pretty much the opposite of the lamb eaters graph.

But we got a chance to talk about how even though we ate different things, we could still all like each other.

I explained that I’m pescaterian. But I still like my pork-eating friend Ann, who was there helping me out today. And even though I don’t eat lamb, I still like my lamb-eating friends. So we can still get along and help each other out.

But now, I need to explain why I don’t eat animals I can pet.

I just love what I do!



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