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Opening up to a new world

minecraft-154749_1280I am writing all my Minecraft blogs now to get my EVO requirements out of the way…

We’re in the middle of testing, and I’ve been a bit derelict on getting my requirements done.

So I’m working overtime getting stuff done. And now, I need to talk about the bigger Minecraft community.

Last week, the EVO Minecraft group was invited to visit the Virginia Society for Technology in Education server. According to our host, Beth O’Connell, “The VSTE Minecraft server, paid for by the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, is for teachers to learn to use Minecraft.” I’m grateful for being whitelisted and getting the opportunity to see this new world.

It was very cool. There were all sorts of different biomes. My favorite was a jungle temple, where I teleported to–but only after I figured out how to finally ride a roller coaster. It’s so amazing what is possible to build. And these kind of assignments would be so helpful in a geography or social studies course. The language involved is extensive. And it gets students to look more closely at what is possible.

I am learning so much by reading my colleagues’ blog posts. I have only been actively using the Minecraft Wiki. But I just read this morning a blog post by Rose Bard. She talked about public servers that are family friendly! Who knew that such a thing existed??

My daughter has been jealous these past few weeks of my class, wanting to play with friends in her own community. She has loved working in my EVO class a few times when I’ve turned the keyboard over to her. She sits beside me and tells me what I need to build next. She made me build bricks so I could make a flowerpot. Interior design is so important in her life…

So I searched and found this post. It lists several family-friendly servers. I think I’ll share it with her during February break so she can find some online friends to play with.

I have been a constant visitor to the Minecraft Wiki. What a rich resource this has been. It’s taught me how to process iron ore, how to make a cake, how to harvest my sugar cane… It’s been invaluable.

I’m ready to expand my resources. I know I’ve only scratched the surface, but I’m ready to go.


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