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It’s great to get a little love…

I just love presenting.

It’s so much fun being able to share with people what I’ve been doing and to have them talk to me about what they are doing and puzzling through…

Today I did two presentations at MATSOL.

One, with my good friend Shelly, was on bringing academic talk in mathematics to the classroom. More than 50 people crowded into the room and played our reindeer games. I made them do some Whole Brain Teaching stuff from Chris Biffle. It was nice to think back on the days when I used to use those in ExcELL, when we had enough students. Such a nice way to get kids to repeat words again and again, and to get the class to have joy in followiIMG_0252.JPGng directions. I just love that stuff…

And it’s great to have dedicated time to talk to colleagues about professional experiences. I was able to share what I did eons ago with my students at the elementary school, the year I was teaching math to try to cover two years in one. That was interesting…

The girl on the left is now a sophomore in high school. It’s been a while…

We shared a room and were able to talk about our math experiences. It gets me hungry to work on next year, since this one is almost over.

seesaw-script-icon-comboAnd then I presented on SeeSaw, software that works across platforms to create digital portfolios. I just found this app this year, and I am in love with the possibilities.
It’s very simple to use but not simplistic. And it could be so powerful if we let ELLs create the kinds of assignments that would get them to see their learning in context.

The greatest part about today was that I felt like an educational superstar.

About half a dozen people followed me from the math presentation to the apps presentation. I was glad I had not scared them away. When I said as much, I was told that they were fans. How great is that to hear?

I had one woman start this conversation with me: “I don’t know if you remember me, but I went to your session on dance and movement last year at this conference.” She told me that the session made such an impression that she was running into others at the conference who had attended the same session and they recognized each other, just from that one encounter.

Another woman who was eating lunch at the same table told me that she was in a WIDA class that I did about four years ago. She reminded me that she had sent me multiple emails about an activity that we had done because she wanted to do it with her colleagues.

It’s just nice to be remembered. And appreciated. And to have those rich, rich conversations that make us all better teachers.

So happy to be a teacher. And happy that I get these opportunities.


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